About company

We offer the widest range of industrial ahdesives in Slovak, Czech and Hungarian market. Our distribution includes brands of Neoflex, Leuenberger, Franklin and Menichetti. We are one of a few companies focusing on distribution of industrial adhesives but also providing top service and advisory for our clients.

Who are we?

AGGLU SK Ltd is a progressive, dynamic and permanently expanding company operating in the Slovak, Czech and Hungarian markets. We preferably deal with distribution and sale of industrial adhesives of the world brand producers. We focus either on distribution and sale and we provide advisory with consulting opportunities. Your success is our success.

What do we do as a company?

We focus on distribution and sale and what is more we provide advisory and consulting opportunities.

We substitue technologists in our partner companies and set their machinery.

We are here for you as your full satisfaction is our top priority.

We support sport activities and children projects in our region. Whether they are related to school equipment or fire brigades we do not miss a chance to give the society something back.


We aim to become a leader in the Central European market. Our team has been permanently building and improving our brand AGGLU which became a quality and reliability symbol due to it.

Why us?

The philosophy of our company top services issues from both – our customers and our team. The market demands has been asking form quality industrial adhesives which results in the need of quality staff. That is why we look for people to help us form the ethical business world. Shall you join us?

Our company’s pros

Your success is the most essential for us. Despite other companies we do not consider the work done by delivering adhesive, we care if you can use it properly. We prefer individual attitude to our clients to set precise parametres of what you need to glue.
Recently, in the era of technologies, when the slighthest divergence might cause production trouble we are here to train you and to support your production come back. The way we do it is a simple one – we substitue for you.


Has your service man changed and a new one cannot operate the machine?


We will send our marketing representative to you who will help you employee to set the device for proper work. New service obtains precise instructions what parametres to keep to make the production process smooth.
Our consultation refers both device settings and problem solving when working with adhesives.


Do you need to specify the right adhesive in your new project?

Would you like to apply existing parametres when working with materials never used before?


We are here to advise. Our solutions do not include only difficulties related to a material type.


Have you bought an adhesive and despite setting by instructions the process is not satisfactory?


You have probably been confronted with the most exotic trouble – the weather affect. As adhesion is influences even by seemingly unimportant factors like long lasting weather, consulting is the right solution for you.
Regarding our long experience there is no such a problem we have met and we can certainly help.

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