Ethical Code



  • Ethical Code of AGGLU SK, s.r.o., henceforth called as Ethical Code, is the summary of ethical and moral principles, norms, and rules which are binding for every employee of AGGLU SK, s.r.o., henceforth called as AGGLU SK, without exception. Disrespect for this code by any employee is considered a serious violation of working discipline.
  • The purpose of Ethical Code is to ensure a proper behaviour of all employees of AGGLU SK to each other, to customers, the company itself, and also to other people. This should be instrumental in building the reputation of AGGLU SK as respected and trustworthy company.
  • The purpose of Ethical Code is to build up a positive relationship of employees to AGGLU SK brand.
  • AGGLU SK strictly respects the law and regulations that are in force in Slovak Republic and European Union.
  • AGGLU SK does not commit the bribery, respects the rules of economic competition and supports a correct business environment

Behaviour towards the employees

  • AGGLU SK follows the Labour Code and all the other law regulations of the field of labour law, which are in force.
  • AGGLU SK realizes that the company’s development depends on professionalism, honesty, responsibility and loyalty of its employees. The company respects every single employee who proves these characteristics and takes care of creating the optimal conditions for further professional growth of the employees and dignified working conditions.
  • AGGLU SK pledges to avoid any discrimination when hiring, rewarding, securing professional development, and dismissing employees.
  • AGGLU SK does its best to have a professional and fair rewarding system.
  • AGGLU SK strictly follows all the regulations about the health and safety protection at work. We also require every employee to respect safety rules and regulations and to care about the protection of themselves, colleagues or customers from danger.
  • AGGLU SK considers being at work under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs as unacceptable.
  • AGGLU SK does not refuse constructive and polite criticism from the employees if this helps to develop the company or to protect it from material or moral harm.
  • AGGLU SK guarantees that nobody will be discriminated in case of informing the management of the company about immoral or illegal activities which would occur in company.

Behaviour towards the customers

  • AGGLU SK is customer-oriented company trying to do its best for its customers´ satisfaction with its goods and services.
  • AGGLU SK does its best for having satisfied customers so its goods and services must be reliable, of high quality and for fair price.
  • Every employee is obliged to do his or her best for gaining a customer´s trust and it is not allowed to put the customer’s trust into risk. The employee always behaves ethically, professionally, politely, honestly and obligingly to a customer.
  • In case it is not possible to fulfil a customer´s wish, or to provide a required service, or to meet an agreed on deadline or any other of the terms, it is imperative to inform the customer promptly and truthfully about the case and to find the best solution acceptable for the customer.
  • A customer usually does not have such a professional knowledge, information and technical skills as an employee of AGGLU SK. It is not allowed to abuse this advantage or to mislead the customer at the expense of the customer.
  • In case that a customer’s behaviour towards an employee of AGGLU SK is offensive and/ or abusive, the employee is allowed to ask the customer politely to end the communication and to solve arisen situation with the management of AGGLU SK.

Behaviour towards the business partners

  • AGGLU SK cares about gaining a reputation of reliable and trustworthy company in a business environment and public. The employees of AGGLU SK are always correct, frank and honest with the company´s business partners.
  • AGGLU SK always gives true and complete information needed when making a contract about business or other cooperation to its business partners.
  • AGGLU SK considers information gained from its business partners as confidential and does not provide this information for anyone.
  • AGGLU SK pledges to keep all the arranged contracts with its business partners. If the unpredictable circumstances avoid us from fulfilling the terms of the contract, AGGLU SK will immediately contact the business partner and will try to find a solution acceptable for both parties.

Behaviour towards the competition

AGGLU SK considers the competition to be the equal professional partners. AGGLU SK also considers economic competition to be the natural part of entrepreneurship. It respects and supports fair rules of economic competition and does not commit sharp practices. AGGLU SK succeeds on the home and foreign market thanks to the high quality of its products. It treats the competition as equal entities.

Rules of behaviour of employees

General rules

  • All employees of AGGLU SK behave honestly, follow the law and do their best to do a high-quality job while performing their work. They also educate themselves continuously, improve their skills and follow the law, regulations and norms in force.
  • All employees of AGGLU SK are also the representatives of the firm. Thus, when in touch with a customer or at business meeting, they do so that the property or reputation of AGGLU SK is not damaged.
  • All employees must be loyal to AGGLU SK, and they must protect interests of the company, its customers, business partners and other co-workers at work.

Ethics of communication and mutual relations of employees

  • All employees of AGGLU SK respect human dignity, good manners and ban of any kind of discrimination.
  • All employees are polite, tolerant and honest when communicating with colleagues, customers and other persons.
  • Every form o physical and psychological bothering including sexual harassment, humiliation and slandering is unacceptable.
  • An employee does not slander any colleague and behaves so that he or she would not cause conflicts and tries to prevent them. If the conflict happens he or she must do his or her best to solve this conflict calmly and politely. If the employee does not follow this rule, he or she may be dismissed on the spot, depending on the seriousness of his or her misconduct.
  • An employee avoids the conflicts with customers. If the problem occurs and the employee cannot solve it by himself or herself then he or she asks superior employee for help.
  • An employee shows respect to his or her superior and fulfils his or her tasks conscientiously, consistently and effectively.
  • A superior employee behaves decently and shows respect to his subordinates. He or she delegates tasks to subordinate employees reasonably and fairly, evaluates fairly and objectively, and does not misuse his or her formal authority.
  • Employees show respect towards each other, they help colleagues and help to create a positive working environment.
  • If a conflict occurs, every employee does his or her best to solve this conflicts inside the company.

Behaviour of employees towards public; giving information

  • Employees of AGGLU SK give only freely available information and information designated to be released. It is forbidden to release any information, particularly internal, confidential and secret information, without an explicit agreement of the management of the company.
  • An employee must not damage the reputation of AGGLU SK, its management or other employees, mainly by giving untrue and/ or misleading information.
  • All employees must maintain confidentiality about internal issues of the company. This applies during the employment as well as after the termination of employment.
  • In case an employee is engaged in some political party or movement, he or she does so as a private person, not as the employee of AGGLU SK. It is unacceptable to do any private political activities in the premises of AGGLU SK during the working time or after it.

A conflict of the interests; misuse of information and position

  • A conflict of the interests occurs when a private interest of an employee gets into conflict with his or her working responsibilities, interest of AGGLU SK and/ or its business partners. A private interest includes any benefit of an employee, his or her family, close persons and legal or natural persons, with whom the employee had or has business relations.
  • Every employee is obliged to prevent an occurrence of a conflict of the interests.
  • If a conflict of the interests occurs or an employee is doubtful about his or her being involved in a conflict of the interests, the employee makes a written request for solving this problem to his immediate superior.
  • It is forbidden to misuse confidential or any other information gained while working in AGGLU SK for own business activities or business activities of third parties. Confidential information is every piece of information that is not released by AGGLU SK.
  • An employee can practice gainful employment in the same or similar field of activity as he or she does in AGGLU SK or as AGGLU SK does only with the previous permission from the company.

Bribes and gifts

  • An employee of AGGLU SK must not neither give nor accept a bribe.
  • An employee of AGGLU SK avoids the situations which would result in his or her being obliged to meet the wishes (of some other person, or company) which would be in contrary to the wishes of AGGLU SK or its customers.
  • An employee must not accept any gift or advantage from persons who are the business partners of AGGLU SK or try to become business partners, and which would make an employee feel obliged to such a person.
  • In case it is impossible to refuse a gift or its refusal would be purposeless, then the employee is obliged to inform his or her superior about this fact. In case the value of the gift is more than 20 EUR, then the employee is obliged to hand it in to the company.
  • In case the giving of a gift is directly connected to the buying of the goods or services, this gift belongs to AGGLU SK, no matter the value or nature of the gift. The employee is obliged to inform about the gift his or her superior and hand it in to the company.
  • Business lunches and dinners, outdoor events and other similar meetings must not cross the line of appropriateness in terms of position of the employee and the importance of the negotiated subject matter. Such a meeting must be approved by superior employee in advance and the attendance on such a meeting must not result in the employee being obliged or motivated to make a decision or take an action in favour of the donor.
  • A person who attempts any form of corruption must be immediately informed about the inappropriateness of such an action. If the person does not respect the notice and continues in such a dishonest behaviour, all the business contacts must be ended with this person.

Use of the property of AGGLU SK

  • Employees protect tangible and intangible assets of AGGLU SK. Assets include facilities, machinery, devices, equipment, goods, stock, etc. as well as know-how, non-public business, economic and technical information, licences, rights and other information.
  • If there is a danger of damage to the assets of the company, every employee is obliged to try to avert such a danger according to the employee´s abilities and capabilities. If an employee is not able to prevent the damage from occurring, he or she is obliged to inform his or her superiors or other persons capable of averting or moderating the damage about the existing danger.
  • Employees are not allowed to use the assets of AGGLU SK for private purposes and they follow the internal regulations of the company specifying the conditions of the usage of telephones, mobile phones, cars, computers and other assets.
  • Working hours of an employee are the property of AGGLU SK. Employees are not allowed to use their working hours for arranging their private matters unless the explicit consent has been given by their superior.
  • In case of proved damage or misuse of the assets of AGGLU SK (including know-how, information leakage to the benefit of the competition or third parties, misuse to the one´s own benefit, loss and damage of the tangible assets) inflicted by malicious or non-malicious causing, AGGLU SK may demand compensation of the damage from the employee who caused this damage.
  • An employee is not allowed to misuse the assets of AGGLU SK for enriching himself or herself, for instance by misappropriating the price (or its part) obtained by sale of the goods and services and by not paying the price to the cash desk of AGGLU SK.

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