Windows and doors production

For this type of gluing we use dispersion water-based adhesives of the PVAC type class D4 (in the case of interior doors of class D3 and UF adhesives) as well as PUR prepolymers, which achieve high water resistance and in the case of PU adhesives also high temperature resistance of the glued joint.


označenie triedy D4 sa používa v spojitosti s vysokou vodeodolnosťou lepeného spoja


KESTOKOL D4000 is a D4 PVAc dispersion suitable for structural and surface gluing in windows and external doors, as well as for universal use in the woodworking industry.


popis kategórie

TAKA 3308.5 –

3308.5 is a polyurethane hot melt adhesive with a high initial strength, for complex edges. It is specially developed for edging devices for gluing ABS, PVC, CLP, PET, paper and veneer edges on MDF, chipboard and wood-based profiles.


DUDITERM 615 is a polyolefin hot-melt adhesive designed for gluing various types of edges of furniture parts (PVC, ABS, polyester, laminate, paper, veneer) on automatic gluing lines. High heat resistance, good adhesion.


Powdered urea-formaldehyde adhesive with low formaldehyde emissions suitable for gluing veneer to chipboard, laminated panels and MDF in hot and HF presses. Thanks to its low formaldehyde content, it meets the requirements of class E1.

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